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Climbing Everest: A course in Karandavasana


This course breaks down Karandavasana from start to finish in workshop format to assist your process regardless of what stage you’re at. We take it apart and put it all back together in a way that is tangible and applicable! Together we make the impossible – Possible!

Course Length: 50:31
Download: PDF notes included



Welcome everyone to Climbing Everest- A course in Karandavasana

A┬ácourse in mastering karandavasana. Between primary, intermediate, advanced A and B, this asana has been known to get the better of practitioners. Some of whom will never find the tools to make it to the top of this brutal summit. Always remember, what could take one practitioner a day could take another a lifetime. Be patient with yourself and empty your mental cup because I’m here to fill it up with all sorts of information! I am excited to share all the mechanics necessary in mastering this asana. It’s not always about muscle, more often it’s about energetic efficiency.